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Our Company

Persistence Media is a multimedia company based in Portland, Maine with expertise in the development and distribution of television programming designed to extend sponsor brands while entertaining audiences across all digital platforms.

In addition to television production, Persistence Media welcomes commercial and corporate work. Through a combination of in-house capabilities and an extensive network of freelance talent, Persistence Media manages HD/HDV, DV, and betacam field acquisition with Final Cut HD suites supporting post-production.

Projects include: Relentless Quest, World's Fastest Lobsterboat, a production about Maine's thrilling and picturesque lobsterboat racing series; the LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors, a half-hour hunting/fishing program involving complex travel and production staffing and resulting in stunning television; and the award-winning 30-minute regional NASCAR program Inside Line, noted for its combination of gripping behind-the-scenes coverage, unique reality format and high-speed racing action.

what's in a name

The name Persistence Media was derived from the commercial fishing vessel Persistence. Company founder Gene Landry owned the offshore lobsterboat in a previous life before earning a BA in Communications at the University of Southern Maine in the mid-eighties. Persistence has always been one of Landry's strongest business traits and is the core of the company's philosophy and success. The 42-foot Persistence is still fishing today out of Portland, Maine.

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