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Persistence Media Focuses HD Lens on Maine Lobsterboat Races

July 16, 2007

Lobsterboat Races Filmed for High-Definition TV

Portland, ME television production company Persistence Media has already captured nearly 50 hours of high-definition video from the first five lobsterboat races this season. The firm is producing the TV show Relentless Quest, World's Fastest Lobsterboat. A demo of the show has been widely viewed on (keyword search "Relentless Quest").

Executive Producer Gene Landry says the production could take several paths depending on which TV networks agree to broadcast the races. Landry says the possibilities include a series of half-hour reality-style shows on the network of the Boston Red Sox (NESN), a one-hour docu-reality show for distribution on a national HD network, and a short film for release at select Maine theaters.

According to Landry, "We've received tremendous feedback from networks and folks in the television industry who have viewed the demo on You Tube and find the stories and video quality really compelling." Landry says it will not be hard to find a network to broadcast the show providing enough money can be raised from sponsors to support the costs of production.

Persistence Media will also produce a two-hour DVD available for purchase at a new website supporting the races and the TV show.

Persistence Media is a multimedia company based in Portland, Maine with expertise in the development and distribution of television programming designed to extend sponsor brands while entertaining audiences across all digital platforms. Projects in addition to Relentless Quest, World's Fastest Lobsterboat include: the LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors, a half-hour hunting/fishing program involving complex travel and production staffing and resulting in stunning television; and the award-winning 30-minute regional NASCAR show Inside Line, winner of the 2007 Maine Documentary Film Competition.